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Hamlet in 2 minutes and 28 seconds

To Be or Not To Be? Shakespeare's Longest Play? Not the way we do it! Water Street Art House Players Presents Hamlet: A Character With Questions. Experience all the Drama, all the Madness, all the Corruption and Revenge as you never have before. Our radio play is written and devised by the Water Street Art House Players and is full of pop-culture references and a little "wink, wink, nudge, nudge" for our biggest fans. See if you can spot them all.

A WSAH Christmas Carol

A WSAH Christmas Carol—Presented by Water Street Art House Players A short radio play loosely adapted from the novel "A Christmas Carol"- by Charles Dickens. Have a Very Very Very Merry Christmas! How Do You WSAH?

Wild Geese

"Rolodex Theatre Presents - Wild Geese" is the newest toy theater show created by JUGS, the resident puppet troupe at Water Street Art House. The up-cycled Rolodex puppets (actors and sets) are from old New Yorker magazines. Taken out of context the images tell a much different story than the originally published intent. Enjoy Mary Oliver's beautiful and timeless poem - "Wild Geese".

Fishy, Fishy Fish

Something fishy is going on at Water Street Art House. Tom Rouze, our resident welding artist, showcases his fish and octopus art in this video short. Ever wonder why fish are in schools? Perhaps it's because they can't spell. Enjoy.

Where is My Underwear?

JUGS, the resident puppet troupe at Water Street Art House presents - a toy theatre production - "Where is My Underwear?" Our newest mini-production is part 1 of "Quarantined: short stories from the inside". This series will feature anecdotes of the quarantine used to create devised toy theatre pieces. We are all in this together. So sit back, relax and enjoy "Where is My Underwear?".

Riddle Me This  – Christmas Edition

The resident artists at Water Street Art House wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with this special Index Card Theatre performance by our JUGS puppet troupe. Enjoy the Christmas fun and keep smiling all year long.


This is the result of a writing prompt given to us by our niece Lydia. The original prompt was “A person washed ashore what they believed was a deserted island. When they were sleeping they dreamt they saw writing in the sand. Then they woke up to find . . . " We took a slightly more existential approach to the prompt because that's what we do at Water Street Art House. :) And in case you're wondering the Druid (ancient Celtic) spiral at the end represents the interconnectivity of all things. :)

Riddle Me This – Quarantine Edition

JUGS, the resident puppet troupe at Water Street Art House, presents this toy theater production. This light-hearted look at the quarantine is a reminder to stay positive during this difficult time. We are a family of artists who live and work on Water Street. We design and sew and weld and perform and take pictures and play music and create puppets and customize t-shirts and build props and paint and paper mâché and dance. To put it simply - we make art. Why do we make art? Because we must.

a single tear

a single tear is a video poem created by Jennifer Rouze a resident artist at Water Street Art House. 2021.

The Interview

The Interview is an exploration in mask work by Veda Rouze, a resident artist at Water Street Art House performed during quarantine in October 2020. We're calling him Eric. Eric! Poor Eric. He floats through life. Not really ‘getting it’ but also doing no-one any harm. He’s often looking for work - maybe not lasting anywhere too long. In fact I think the longest job he had was working in a botanic garden spreading mulch. He was very good at that.

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