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There are 29 carols hidden in OZ. Can you find them all?

If you think you've found one, click on
the song title below to reveal the
matching scene, then click the play button to listen to the carol! 

So, how did you do?
How many carols did you find?


Click below to reveal your Holiday Alter Ego.

Thank You
for Stopping by.

carol in oz logo bw.png

We had so much fun creating our Holiday Art Walk. Did you have fun too? Feel free to look around our website. If you want to know what else we're up to, subscribe to our mailing list.

P.S. If you are not at our Art Walk in person, but want to know what your holiday alter ego is, choose the button that matches the number of carols you listened to all the way through to the end. Happy Holidays from Water Street Art House.

To listen to all the carols click here

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